ARHS Music Trip to Cleveland, Ohio

All Ensemble Travel

What is the purpose of the trip?

    • There is value in stepping outside of the Pioneer Valley and experiencing other regions and cultures
    • The nature of the trip increases camaraderie and retention in ensembles
    • The trip provides a unique opportunity for the department to collaborate to help rebuild the orchestra program
    • Students will have the opportunity to perform in unique and memorable locations
    • Students will have a chance to work with world-class clinicians
    • Students will have a chance to listen to and learn from students from other schools
    • Festival performances provide an incentive to perform at the highest level
    • Students can take pride in being excellent ambassadors for the ARHS community
    • The trip serves as a reward for dedicated and enthusiastic students in music ensemble

Cost Assistance:  Traveling is a large expense; we also provide additional funds for students who need help to meet the full cost of the trip. If you would like to donate to reduce the costs for families who cannot afford to travel otherwise, please click the link below. Thank you!

ARHS Music Travel Trip Scholarship Donation