About ARPS Friends of Performing Arts


ARPS Students Performing Arts Mission

The Amherst Regional Public Schools Friends of Performing Arts (FPA) is a nonprofit organization of parents, guardians, and community members committed to providing high-quality education in the performing arts at Amherst Regional Public Schools.

We believe that all students should experience the power of the performing arts. In partnership with the ARPS Performing Arts program directors and teachers, our goal is to provide financial and logistical support to, and advocate for, continued investment in the our school programs.

We also strive to support parents and guardians in keeping calendars, events and related links available throughout this website. If you have an app, social media or website feature that you would like to see, please let us know at friendsofperformingarts@gmail.com. (If you have any language translation skills, we would definitely like to hear from you!) This website is ALWAYS UNDER DEVELOPMENT and is always open to improvement.

On with the show!